_00056TomKen combines experience with modern equipment to be one of the premier mold-making companies in the country. Capable of building a variety of molds, TomKen assures you that each will have the quality that you desire.

TomKen has several molding machines to use for sampling and debugging of molds. Inspection and validation of parts, capability studies, and gage R&R can be done as required by the customer.

  1. Encapsulation, overmold, and insert molds (which allow for other components to be completly integrated into the plastic molded part) represent a large percentage of TomKen molds. Ease of loading components before molding is a high priority in these molds. TomKen has experience in both operator intensive loading and robotic loading. We can manufacture either hot runner molds or parting line injection molds. TomKen is familiar with the difficulties associated with these types of moldings, including:
    • Gate and runner sizes
    • Loading and holding components
    • Operator assisted slides with automatic retraction
    • Unusual shrinkage
  2. 1st class molds built by TomKen will provide you with years of high volume molding. TomKen specializes in small and medium size parts that are detailed and intricate. We have years of experience in several types of hot runner systems including Moldmaster, Husky, DME, and Incoe. We pay extremely close attention to detail to produce molds with long-term reliability. The good sense that we employ during our manufacturing process ensures the following:
    • Proper mold temperature control with good water coverage
    • Gate location and size
    • Proper fits and seal offs
    • Sufficient ejection
    • Proper steel selection and Rockwell
    • Excellent polish
    • Easily replaceable cavity components
  3. Horizontal and vertical prototype molds are vital aspects of TomKen’s moldmaking. P-20 steel is normally used for prototypes, but production level steels can be used as well. Rapid deliveries are crucial for prototypes, and our process is streamlined to meet customer demands. Our design and build departments overlap schedules to meet tight deliveries.

Cavities are often made for TomKen owned frames to save the customer both time and money. Both Mud frames and standard frames are available. Gating, split lines, water, and other features are made to specifications to create an accurate picture of production expectations. In house sampling condenses time spent on debugging, alterations, and the pre-production process. Designs are updated for prototype changes so that production molds can be built with fresh concepts and dimensions.