Dies, Gages & Quality Tooling


TomKen has been involved in making gages for many years and is highly respected for its close tolerance work. We have extensive experience with flush pin, snap, indicator type, visual gages, hand held gages, and electric custom gages. Our gages have checked parts for size, length, diameter, distance, location and angles.

Our in-house inspection department verifies our gages and provides an inspection report for every gage we build. We take pride in the fact that our gages have an extremely high acceptance rate by our customers. In a survey conducted by one of our customers, we shipped over 1700 jobs over a period of time and had only two rejections.

If you are looking for top quality gage work, please contact us for a quotation.

Precision Machining

_00101Versatile equipment and experienced toolmakers allow us to manufacture all types of tool and die details. If you need replacement details or specialized machining, TomKen thrives on small, intricate detail jobs. We are particularly well equipped for jobs needing CNC milling, surface grinding, jig grinding, EDM and wire EDM.


TomKen has built fixtures for large rotating pallets on milling and drilling operations for transmission cases, small tumble jigs for drilling, CMM fixturing and just about everything in between. Although fixtures do not always require tight tolerances, we apply the same quality to each job as if it were a mold or a gage. Holding fixtures often need to have a strength and rigidity that is not always necessary in gages.

Prototype & Production Die Work

_00077TomKen builds prototype dies for brackets and terminals. Our toolmakers can create blanks using blanking dies or in some cases utilizing the wire EDM. We can also create the necessary bending dies to bring your part exactly to print.

This versatility in die work compliments our prototype insert mold work. We can offer our customers turnkey packages for molded terminal assemblies by building the mold, making the terminals and over-molding the assemblies on our 75-ton Newbury shuttle machine.

Expander Tooling

We can build expander tooling for the small motor industry. We have built several sizes of units for expanding the I. D. of steel tubing from raw stock sizes to tightly held dimensions.

Special Machines

TomKen builds special machines that require pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic controls. In the past, we have built test equipment, transfer equipment, pick and place units and metal forming presses.

Special Unattended Molding Applications

TomKen can interface molding machines into special applications for insert molding of parts. We have previously integrated horizontal molding machines with equipment for unattended insert molding. This might include feeder bowls, pick and place units and tooling for the cell. The molding machine controller can be used to control secondary processes.