Thermoplastics Materials Molded

Here is a list of some of the materials being molded at TomKen

ABS, ABS Copolymers, Acetal, Acetal Copolymers, Acrylic, Acrylic Copolymers, AES, AES Copolymers, Alkyd, AS, ASA, ASA Copolymers, HDPE, HDPE Copolymers, HMW, HMWPE, HPPA, Ionomer, LCP, LDPE, LLDPE, LMDPE, MABS, MDPE, MMBS, MMS, All Nylons Filled and Un-Filled, Nylon Copolymers, PAI, PAMXD6, PAO, PBT, PBT Copolymers, PC, Pc Copolymers, PCL, PCT, PE Alloy, PE Copolymers, Polyarylate, Polyester, Poylester Copolymers, All PP, PP Copolymers, PPA, PPC, PPE, PPE Copolymers, PPS, PPS Copolymers, PPSU, PS, PSU, PSU Copolymers, PTT, PUR, PUR Copolymers, PVDF, SAN, TEEE, TES, TP, TPC, TPE, TPEE, TPO, TPU, TPU Copolymers, TPV, TS, TSU