Custom Molding

Some other parts we have molded are: Bases, Bearings, Small Bins, Bobbins, Bolts, Bowls, Small Boxes, Brackets, Bumpers, Bushings, Buttons, Small Cabinet Parts, Cable Assemblies, Cams, Canisters, Cans, Various Caps, Small Cases, Clamps, Clips, Closures, Coils, Collars, Connectors, Small Containers, Cores, Couplings, Covers, Small Cups, Medical Devices, HVAC Ducts, Small Electronic Components, Fans, Small Fasteners, Fittings, Fixtures, Flanges, Small Furniture Parts, Gaskets, Various Gears, Grips, Grommets, Handles, Hinges, Hooks, Small Housings, Insert Molded Components, Knobs, Latches, Levers, Lids, Locks, Louvers, Medical Components, Mirror Components, Pins, Plugs, Sleeves, Spacers, Spools, Ties, Washers, and Small Wheels