Plastic Injection Molding

TomKen Plastic Technologies mission is to successfully provide plastic injection molding solutions to our customers. Applying solid engineering to unique applications, TomKen can become your strategic partner in our IATF 16949:2016  and ISO 9001:2015 certified molding department.

We started out in miniature molding and now mold from 15 milligrams (0.0003 Lbs.) to 127 oz shot sizes. TomKen creates work cells using sophisticated molding machines. Molds, machines and auxiliary equipment are all sized for rapid cycling of precise components. Our goal is to create unattended cells that minimize material and part handling. Processing problems and down time are minimized, and part quality is improved. This leads to lower costs to our customers.

Mold sampling, short run pilot production and molding of small parts have been a service of TomKen for many years.  TomKen has achieved recognition in the industry for doing the tough jobs that others tend to avoid. Our expertise is enhanced by our use of new Toshiba and Husky electric and hydraulic molding machines. The ability of these machines to handle small complex parts combined with our tool room expertise has proven to be a win, win combination.

Customer part quantities can range from a few hundred to millions on presses from 20-ton to 1,100-ton. TomKen has created a lean manufacturing environment to maintain high part quality at a reasonable cost.

Mold maintenance and repairs are completed with the same quality techniques that are applied in building a new tool. New spare components are readily available when required. Molds are routinely cleaned and serviced to maintain high part quality.  With tool build right in the same building, we have shorter down times, quicker turn around with the same high quality mold guarantee.