Engineering & Design

Quality three-dimensional engineering provides our customers with the latest in mold and tooling design in solids. At TomKen, we take pains to keep up with technological trends so that we can design, convert files and transfer data as efficiently as anyone in the industry.

Our capabilities go far beyond the ordinary design. Our designers work directly with our tool manufacturing and molding departments to insure that tooling is designed with the end user in mind. The results are longer-lasting, operator-friendly tools that function to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Utilizing Unigraphics 3-D and Autocad 2-D software, possibilities for designs are nearly limitless. We also have the capability to develop CNC files and design EDM electrodes. Our broadband Internet access allows us to transmit and receive clean data files to and from anywhere, all in a few minutes time.

*** We have now added MOLDEX 3D to our engineering capabilities which allows us to do mold flow, part analysis, fill, pack, cool, and warp ***

Each member of our engineering and design team has a strong background in tooling. Their extensive knowledge of gages, fixtures, and plastic molds make them design experts who combine knowledge and experience to create practical and innovative designs. Their expertise is matched only by their dedication. Our staff works the long hours necessary to keep the shop running smoothly and efficiently, even during the most hectic of schedules.